Officers, Board of Directors and Committees

Elected Officers Board
President Mike Birdsong 2019
Vice President Rick Fogarty 2018
Recording Secretary Liz Codding 2019
Corresponding Secretary Billie Stone Fogarty 2018
Treasurer Paul Woods 2017
Assistant Treasurer James Crow 2018

Standing & Special Committee Chairpersons

Acquisitions La Nell Shores 2017
Attendance Judy Jolly 2017
Bulk Email Rick Fogarty 2018
Classes at office Lisa Bradley 2019
Distribution Denise Slattery 2018
Exchange Coordinator James Crow 2018
Family Story Writing Contest Denise Slattery 2018
First Families of Twin Territories June Stone 2017
Historian Linda Bias 2017
Hospitality Liz Codding 2019
Membership Lauri Warmack 2017
Meeting Programs Mike Birdsong 2019
Publicity Rick Fogarty 2018
Quarterly Editor Denise Slattery 2018
Research Assistance Sharon Burns 2018
Sales Michael Shores 2018
Special Projects Jim Ike 2017
Technology Jim Ike 2017
Webmaster Rick Fogarty 2018
Workshops - Seminars Open  
World War I Project Mahlon Erickson 2019