OGS Quarterly

The OGS Quarterly is a benefit of OGS membership.  It features 40 pages of family stories, articles about Oklahoma resources, research techniques, internet databases and websites of interest to genealogists.  It is published four times a year and is primarily aimed at family historians who want to get the most out of their Oklahoma quest for information.

Table of Contents for recent OGS Quarterlies are available online and can be viewed using the links at the bottom of this page.

Contributing to the OGS Quarterly

Members and readers are invited to submit articles for publication.  Submitted material should fall into one of these six categories:

Research Articles:  Using documented sources, the author reports findings of ancestors with Oklahoma (before or after statehood) connections.

How-To Stories:  Describing what information was known at the beginning, the author tells of steps and sources used to solve their genealogical problem.

Travel Stories:  The author narrates trips to ancestral homeland (either in the Americas or overseas).  These stories can include advice on planning the trip, how to discover the ancestral sites, and/or how to use travel to advance genealogical research.

Source Guides:  Articles depicting new or under-utilized genealogy sources and how to find them.

Technology and Software Reviews:  Reports using software programs and/or internet websites for genealogy research, writing family histories, image management and other genealogy activities.

Book Reviews:  Author recaps their review and evaluation of books of interest to genealogists and family historians.

Photographs can accompany the article, but they must be in jpeg format and must include source information.  Please send photos via e-mail to: editor@okgensoc.org

All submissions are to be sent as file attachments electronically through e-mail.  Paper copies will not be accepted.  The preferred file format is Microsoft Word; however, formats from Corel WordPerfect and other word processing software may be used, provided the file can be converted to Microsoft Word format.

Sources must be referenced in the document, in order to be considered for publication.  The Editor will not contemplate publishing the article if sources are not included.

The author of the submission should also send a short (five sentence paragraph) biography with the article, as well as their name, postal and e-mail address, and phone number.

Copyright of the submitted material remains with the contributor, not OGS or the Quarterly.

For more information, or to send articles, please contact:  editor@okgensoc.org