Frequently Asked Questions About the OGS Dues Increase

How much are OGS Membership dues increasing?
There will be a slight increase to Individual memberships of $5 per year and Family memberships of $10 per year. The Family increase will allow up to two discounts for seminars and classes.
When does the slight increase start?
The dues increase will take effect January 1, 2022.
Why is there a need to increase dues?
Since the last increase in 2013 there has been yearly increases to the cost of doing business. This coupled with our resource center being closed for 18 months due to the pandemic has significantly impacted our finances. In order to maintain and increase the genealogical experience OGS is known for, the need for the increase is there.
Are there any special offers that go with the slight increase?
Yes. Between now and December 31, 2021, you can lock in your current dues price for up to five years. Simply go online to the OGS website, login to your account and press the renew button. You can select from one to five years, pay online and you are done.
What are the benefits of an OGS Membership?
There are many and with space considerations here are a few:  OGS has secured nationally and internationally renowned speakers to our OGS Monthly Meetings. You will not find the level of expertise and experience for monthly meetings that OGS is able to secure. Same holds true for our annual Spring and Fall Seminars. There are several Members Only benefits on the OGS website. Your membership gives you discounts to classes, seminars, events and much more. Beginning in 2022, look for the new OGS Monthly Newsletter.